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So, most people are working hard to craft items for the guild invasion points, or to farm PvP, etc. This is commendable, but before you run out to start farming contribution points, take a few moments to read and assimilate this info.

Personal stronghold completion percentages add a multiplier to any points you contribute to the guild.
100% stronghold = 25% bonus points. - x 4 doubles your guild support and halves the effort needed to reach 35k to qualify for the conquest quests.... I know "strongholds are expensive, and blah blah blah..." here is a shortcut.

Buy DK, and if possible Coruscant strongholds. Both are cheap and not very hard to fully upgrade. (less then 2 million total). Each also only require 350 decor objects to reach 100% completion, where as the others require upwards of 400+

"That's a lot of decorations".. not really. We get 600-1000 wall trophies just for having the achievements for most fps, some HMs, and SM OPS, all NiM, etc. click on those huge wall hooks and change the layout to either tiny green hooks (use these up first), or the double medium blue hooks (after you use all the green ones). The go to town. Your homes will look like art galleries, fugly (like anni's mum), but effective.

Doing only those two will net a 50% bonus to all conquest activities. that's 1500 points per invasion material, and 6k instead of 4k for the invasion items themselves. That makes a large difference in a short time.


Buy cheap strongholds, DK/Cor
Upgrade them (9/9).
Fill walls with fugly trophies.
Reap rewards.

If you cannot afford to fully upgrade your strongholds, every little bit helps. You can check your current bonus contribution in the conquest menu, under the personal contribution bar.

Now, check out Nelly's guide 'What can YOU do to help earn conquest points' here

Happy Conquests