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We have Cakepie!
Welcome to the Wampa Stompers!

The Wampas are a social, friendly guild!

We strive to give everyone a place to fit in and do what they like; endgame raiding, PvP and PvE. Our goal is to provide both a fulfilling and rewarding gaming experience for all players seeking to have fun with their adventures whilst being a Wampa.

As Wampas, we encourage fair play and enjoyment whilst being courteous and responsive in dealing with others.

As Wampas, we encourage respect for ourselves and others.

As Wampas, we must be tolerant of others as we share diversified interests, including differences of opinions.

We expect Wampas to uphold the Guild and its reputation in good standing.

BULLYING of others is NOT tolerated, including abusive, threatening, racial and/or discriminatory slurs/jokes.

We do not tolerate any Wampa berating any player in PvP, PvE or other game environments.

You are not required to join in with guild activities; however we encourage you to do so to compliment your online experiences.

Guild Master: A'nnika

Supreme Council Members:

Other Officers can be found under Roster in the top task bar.

Our officers are approachable and willing to share their expertise and knowledge. We can assist, where possible, to help you level through the game by working with, and advising you, the best way through.

Please Note:

If you are to be in-active for a period of time, please inform either myself or a Supreme Council member so that we may take note as failure to do so may result in your removal from the Guild.

  • Increasing your rank in the guild will also increase your benefits. You can view this by going to here.
  • Please check this web page often for updates and new information.
  • I highly recommend that you read the policy on Guild Bank usage which can be found in the Forum Section here.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or event plans, don’t be shy in asking about it. You can contact any of the Supreme Council by website message – top right corner.

Happy Hunting....

With Cakepie...

Super Kami Guru Ann'ika